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We now employ 20 UK staff and over 500 colleagues in India. 

Head Office

Our Head Office is based in Salford Priors – a rural, agricultural village situated on the Warwickshire border with Worcestershire.


  • Jutexpo Salford Priors Office

Regional Office

We also have a regional office in Lanarkshire, Scotland which is headed by Mr Sam Turner, our Compliance Director.   

Warehouse Facilities

Our warehouse is a modern facility near the Edwardian town of Felixstowe, England.  The location of our warehouse is close to the port which minimises turnaround time when our bags arrive from India.

We also monitor our stock closely here working with a 12 week forecast in mind.  This ensures that a 'famine and feast' situation doesn't present.

  • Parham 3

India Factory

Jutexpo are proud to remain a family-run company and have strong links with our Indian factory over in Kolkata, they are one of the biggest producers of Jute bags in India so we have the capacity to produce large volumes of our high quality product.  All of our production takes place under one roof, this ensures that we are able to maintain quality and monitor all stages of our supply chain closely.

These unique modern production facilities operate under our ten stage “Jutexpo Standard”.


  • Factory Shot 2
  • Factory Shot

China Factory

In 2017, Jutexpo started working with our strategic partner in China to create reusable bags using recycled plastic bottles from post-consumer waste streams. We have developed our product range to include Produce bags, Foldaway bags, Suitcarriers, Backpacks and more.

This factory along with our factory in India is regularly audited to BRC Consumer Standard and 4 Pillar Ethical Audit to the SMETA SEDEX Standard.  This forward thinking manufacturer also operates under the ten stage “Jutexpo Standard”.

  • china factory image
  • china factory image

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