A Full Suite of In-House and Independent Product Testing

Product testing forms a large part of the final stage of development for Jutexpo's bags. 

Independent Strength Testing

These are lab tests undertaken by a variety of TEst Houses, including Bureau Veritas, SGS and Intertek.

We undertake a full suite testing on the handles and the bag seams for their strength.  The bags are pulled, jogged, filled and observed both statically and on the move.

Our bags are strong, and our large shopping bags are tested to ensure they can hold 20kg, the same weight of a full suitcase allowance.

Full REACH Compliance and Product Safety

I addition to the quality testing, we also undertake tests to ensure the safety of our product. 

Our bags are REACH Complaint, ensuring that they contain none of the Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

  • We ensure that no formaldehyde is present in our bags
  • AZO Free Dyes and Inks
  • Over the years, we have also developed the testing undertaken on the colourfastness of our bags, both wet and dry

This test suite has been developed in conjuction with the Test Houses, and in line with our customer requirements, 

We collate independent test reports and each product is certified, offering our customers peace of mind when selling Jutexpo bags.

Pre-Production Samples

Pre-production samples are received by our UK team for a particular product line for its first time.

These samples are tested against the product specification to ensure that the goods are within the expected limits and that the artwork here applicable is correct.  These results are reported back to the manufacturing facility to make amends where necessary prior to a mass production getting underway.

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