Regular Independent Ethical and Technical Audits

Third party audits to ensure the highest levels of compliance integrity

Ethical Audits

Since Jutexpo's founding in 2002, our factories have had regular ethical audits undertaken.  These are derived from the ETI (Ethical Training Initiative) base code. 

These ensure that no child labour is involved, all workers are paid decent wages, have safe working conditions and that the factories fulfil environmental standards.

All stages of the production processes are audited - from sourcing raw material to delivery of the final product - and we ensure that all our suppliers adhere to the same codes of practice as ourselves.  These audits are then loaded on to Sedex.

Technical and Quality Audits

In addition to the Ethical Audits, we welcome Technical and Quality Audits to the standards required by our customers.

Producing high volume, high quality products is at the core of what we do, and it's important that consistency is both maintained, but constantly improved.  Working with our Audit Partners, we've developed our Quality Manual to cover every aspect of the production process, from raw material, through cutting, printing, stitching, packing and final AQL quality checks.

We have been audited to the BRC Consumer Standard, Tesco TCFMS Standard, Marks and Spencer Technical Standard and the Impactt Standard, all with the aim of giving our all of customers the confidence in our ability to supply safe, legal and quality products.

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